Hello, welcome to my gallery mostly dedicated to my favorite anime: "Slayers". Here you'll see my infamous Lord of Nightmares Cels. I also have other cels and sketches as well. ^-^>> LinaLoN

Dedicated to my mission to try and keep precious LoN cels together, or make sure that they have nice, safe homes.

Brought to you by Slayerfan.com for all your Slayers needs and I don't mean Buffy either http://www.Slayersfan.com/

News & Updates

4/2/2017Long time, no see! I know it's been a while but I had to step away from cel collecting (went broke) and anime (in placement of less animated obsessions). Alas, here I am freshly returned from Anime Boston with some autograph updates. Including a special one from the actress of Lina Inverse herself. A dream come true moment which will live forever in my memories since I don't have a picture of THE moment. Shout out to my friend Kristen whom I felt her presence with me there in the room.
5/27/2011SO many things I need to scan, take pics of and upload to RS and still no printer nor the time... ah the endless task of a cel collector :p
10/30/2010Hoping to get a newer update done in Nov. Some wishlist cels and such. Haven't had the time with new job and still no scanner.
5/20/2010Hurray new LoN cel update! An official update is due in a month or two so keep eyes open.

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